The name - Linhill - was derived from the border suburbs, "Linmeyer" and "The Hill".
Linhill was created for the community of Southern Johannesburg to play, enjoy and develop football in a safe environment.
Football at Linhill has always been conducted in a mixed environment with equal opportunities for all communities.
Football development and assistance to children from financially disadvantaged backgrounds has always been a feature of the club.
Over the years, this support has been made possible by the generous help from parents and sponsors.

Brief history of the club

1973    Linhill Amateur Football Club was established as a not-for-profit organisation with 1 football field by Ernest Botha, George Lean  and friends.
1975    2nd field was added along with change room facilities
1980    Flood lights added to allow matches and training during the evening
1980    Tuck-shop and extensions to club house added
2007    Lapa built
2009    Improvements to the club house
2013    Improvements to the Club house and parking bollards installed
2014    Improvements to the Tuck Shop and ornamental balls installed
2015    New braais built
2016    Carport was erected and paving layed
2017    "A" Field boundary fence was erected
2017    Two new grand stands were added to "C" field
2017    Lapa blinds installed to allow more use during winter
2018    4th field was added over existing parking area
2018    Coffee Shop was added
2019    Boundary fence moved to allow for more secure parking
2019    Floodlights added to 4th field

Highlights of the facilities at Linhill
  • Four football fields under lights
  • Large car parking area
  • Children's playground
  • Tuck shop
  • Coffee & Craft Shop 
  • Clubhouse including change rooms
Linhill caters for about 450 players from as young as 5 years, through to juniors, seniors, ladies and veterans.

Portion 65 of Stand 106/1 IR of the Farm Klipriviersberg, known as Moffat Park
Corner of South Rand Road and East Road
Linmeyer / The Hill
South Africa
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Lapa, Lights, Clubhouse and Linhill Family - 14 Nov 2009

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Linhill Celtic Football Club Logos

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